Product Assemblies

We have the capacity to manage all post-production processes. In addition to providing assembly of composite components to ensure high consistency in quality, we are also developing a technology that will eliminate the need for welding in the future. As a result of this technology, the risk of burning during welding will be eliminated. Furthermore, we purchase assembly components from external suppliers and then carry out the final assembly of pipes and other components directly before delivering them to the customer.

When there is a need for special and cost-effective machinery, we collaborate closely with automation companies to provide a new solution. Additionally, leakage and residue tests are conducted on pipes to ensure that all of our customers' requirements are met. While the leakage test is usually performed in coordination with the production department to ensure an effective workflow, the residue test is conducted in our laboratory.

Once installation and verification are completed, we deliver the products directly to our customers' facilities anywhere in the world.

  • Assembly of composite components
  • Residue and leakage testing
  • Direct delivery to the end customer
  • We meet the requirements related to leakage testing: Scania standard 1885 and Volvo standard 5089.1.